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8203 Mack St. has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and is listed at $1,150,000. Read more

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More than 500 RSVP'd for opening of new home and decor store. Read more

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City of Alexandria

Many residents were surprised to learn glass recycled at home often ends up in landfills. Read more

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If you're considering adding solar power to your home, this is a good place to start. Read more

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Compost Alex

Another site is in the works. Read more



Homes are moving fast, according to local real estate data. Read more

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A financial strategy with sweet rewards. Read more

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Photo Courtesy of McEnearney

Transform your backyard from boring to beautiful (and add value to your home). Read more

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Isabelle Baldwin

If you're curious about keeping a hive in your backyard, here's what you need to know. Read more

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Monarch butterfly on Thoroughwort, photo courtesy of Jennifer Gonzalez

Butterfly populations are dwindling. Here's how you can help in your own yard. Read more

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Vivint Solar

Here's how to decide whether solar power is right for your home. Read more

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Chris Militzer

What you can and can't recycle in Alexandria and Fairfax County -- and why. Read more

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Google Maps

Pines of Florence and Aftertime Comics will have to move for construction. Read more


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Courtesy Airbnb

The City's Transient Lodging Tax yielded more than $250,000 in revenue in 9 months. Read more

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Historic Garden Week of Virginia

Photo courtesy of Virginia Garden Club

Local tour set for April 27. Read more

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Area homes are selling faster than at this time last year. Read more

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Realtor Christine Sennott looks back at the process of renovating a historic Old Town property. Read more

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Photo by Mellenie Runion

Alexandria Beautification winners were awarded for their exceptional efforts in contributing to the beautification of Alexandria through architecture, landscaping and sustainable practices. Read more

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Chris Militzer/Miliman 12 Photography

...and how to do it. Read more

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  • Home and Garden Show to Feature HGTV Star


    Home and Garden Show to Feature HGTV Star

  • Desk by Broadway composer to go up for auction in Alexandria.

    Photo courtesy of The Potomack Company.

    Desk by Broadway composer to go up for auction in Alexandria.

  • Garden Club renovating Visitor Center garden in Alexandria.

  • Greenstreet Garden Belle Haven

    Photo from Greenstreet Garden Belle Haven via Facebook

    Greenstreet Garden Belle Haven

    Greenstreet Garden Belle Haven

  • hogweed-nystate-department-of-envconservation.jpg

    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

    Hogweed is toxic and an invasive species.