Lee District Recreation Center

6601 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, Virginia

6601 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, Virginia
Parks, Playground, Rec Centers, Swimming Pool

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Names change

For those who have been around for awhile, the name originally just "Lee District Park" in honor of the magisterial District in which it is located. The subsequent Rec Center was named Robert E. Lee Recreation Center by the Park Authority.for no good reason. I was the Chairman of the Park Authority in the 1970s when development started and it has always been Lee District Park and Lee Rec Center to me and others who were involved, including Supervisor Joe Alexander, who initiated the land purchase when the previous landfill operator went bankrupt. I admire RE Lee, but it this assistance the zeal to besmirch his name is misplaced. The Park Authority has the duty to present history accurately. Now Fitzhugh Lee, the only Virginia governor born in Lee District, was born nearby at Claremont, but the park isn't named after him either. It's a geographic area ecompasseing a Supervisory District that has been changed several times.

Carl Sell more than 4 years ago