8203 Mack St. has 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and is listed at $1,150,000. Read more

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You get what you pay for. Read more

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ACT for Alexandria

Alexandria's Giving Day is Wednesday, April 10. Read more

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Stop getting by and learn to get ahead. Read more

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ACT for Alexandria

Day of Action is April 10, but early giving starts March 27. Read more


A financial strategy with sweet rewards. Read more

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LeisurePup celebrates its first birthday with a sweepstakes. Read more


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Vivint Solar

Here's how to decide whether solar power is right for your home. Read more

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Make the right moves when it comes to managing your money Read more

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Debunking common myths about IRS audits. Read more

A solid action plan can help. Read more

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Deductions axed, rates reduced and other significant tax law amendments. Read more

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Get Fit Studio

Attend the grand opening party Jan. 10 at their new location at 227 S. Washington St. Read more

Health & Wellness

Realtor Christine Sennott looks back at the process of renovating a historic Old Town property. Read more

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Realtor Christine Sennott on how to buy a home you like and make it something you LOVE. Read more

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A strong economy and attractive rates face potential headwinds in 2019. Read more

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The LizLuke Team

#InnovationLivesHere with the arrival of a new tech neighborhood. Read more

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