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When people buy a home in the Alexandria area, they need to know a few things...

  • Who do they hire for that kitchen renovation, new windows or roof?
  • Where do they find a new doctor, dentist, salon and other services?
  • Where should they send their child to school?
  • Who can they turn to for pet sitting?
  • Where are the libraries, parks, schools, hospitals and everything else?

Alexandria Living Magazine is here to help!

Late this year, we’ll be launching the first New Resident's Guide for the Alexandria area with truly useful information just for new residents.

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This will be a special, portable guide and companion website separate from the magazine and aimed entirely at new homeowners. The size is 6 x 9. Half pages and full page ads are available in addition to online options. 


The print guide will be distributed by mail to new residents moving into high-income neighborhoods. It will also be provided to local real estate agents and distributed to local homeowners’ associations.

The guide will also live on the new, which will launch with the release of the print edition.


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Existing magazine print advertisers: Take 10% off your ad in the New Resident's Guide!

Print ads start at $595 (before discounts); online ads start at $195. This is an annual product.

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